Top Martin Episode from Each Season!

We're taking a little break from our travel posts to reminisce about the 90s. Bad Boy hits, the pogs game (that no one knew how to play), and oversized Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica jackets take us back. But the tv show that really takes us back is the Martin tv show ('94-'97), starring the hilarious and talanted Martin Lawrence!

We decided to continue our Martin Appreciation by compiling our favorite episode from each season. This was super difficult… actually damn near impossible, but we've tried our best. Check it out below!

Season 1

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Top Episode: "Forever Sheneneh"

Why we love it: Out of all the characters Martin played on the show, Shenehneh and Jerome may be our favorites. Shenehneh running serious game on Kid was everythingggg. Take that 40 to the head girl!

MVP: Of course Shenehneh

Honorable Mention: "Checks Lies And Videotape" - Everythang gonna be alright with David Alan Grier as Rev. Leon Lonnie Love.

Season 2

 Top Episode"Suspicious Minds"

Why we love it: Ok so it's almost unfair to give just ONE episode the honors of being on top for Season 2. There were so many classic episodes in season 2 that really defined the series. This has to be the MVP season! With that being said, the "Suspicious Minds" episode was a standout. From Martin's one on one interrogations, to the group meeting in all black, and the ID of the culprit this one takes it from beginning to end. 

MVP: (Spoiler!) Bruh Man AKA the Culprit

Honorable Mention:

"Hollywood Swinging (Part 2)" - Jodeci featuring Martin Payne? Come on we need that album.

"Fat Like That" - Broccoli Pops for that summer time treat.

"Control" - We learned what it takes to give Myra a pedicure.

Ok we'll stop listing now, but you get the point, Season 2 is undeniable! 

Season 3

Top Episode: "Romantic Weekend" AKA Chilligan's Island Episode

Why we love it: Season 3 was another strong season in the Martin series. It would probably rank as our second favorite season based on the number of episodes we can watch over and over again. The Chilligan's Island episode was physical comedy at its best. Watching Martin and Pam unite for a common good was inspiring! We'll always be wary of any vacations off cereal boxes. #LessonLearned

MVP: The 'Puppy'

Honorable Mention: 

"Wedding Bell Blues" - Hustle Man's wedding planning skills put to the test.

"The Closer I Get to You" - Martin's face when he realizes Tommy and Pam are together is probably the same face we make when we find out Popeye's runs out of biscuits. NOOOOOOO

Season 4


Top Episode: Headin' for Trouble

Why we love it: DAMN GINA! This episode was signed sealed and delivered by Tisha Cambell Martin. Who else can give a big presentation at work with a headboard/wig combo and win over clients? #CareerGoals 

MVP: Gina Payne

Honorable Mention: "D.M.V Blues" - Any episode of Martin fighting Ms. Geri deserves an honorable mention. Probably one of the most relatable and STILL relevant episodes.

Season 5

 True Martin fans know this season isn't a true Martin season. There are some hilarious scenes sprinkled throughout, but we think of this season as the season that shouldn't have been. Lets not even go there with Season 5. Nope. Not today.


That's our list! Let us know what YOUR favorites are by hitting us up on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @KottayCo !

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