Happy Holidays!

20 December 2015

Happy Holidays!

Did ya miss me?? (*Varnell Hill Voice*)

Apologies for not keeping up with our blog posts, but we wanted to take some time out and wish everyone happy holidays. It's been an interesting year and we feel like we've learned so much since the launch of kottay.com. Whether you're just passing through and have no idea how you ended up on this site or if you've made multiple purchases from our site, we wanted to say thank you and we appreciate the love and support. We're excited to see what the next year will hold. With that being said, we're not huge on resolutions but here are few things we hope will/won't carry over into 2016  =)  :

Stay in 2015:

Man bun clip on -  You've seen it. I've seen it. It can't be unseen. Please do not come into 2016.

Hoverboards* - $500 hover boards that you can't ride anywhere unless you're a celebrity.

*If these come down to like $29.99 sign me up for falling and breaking my back in 2016.

Adele ticket prices  -  We get it, she's uber talented and who knows the next time she'll be performing in the states? But $700/800 for a pair of tickets are no dice.


Move into 2016 :

There's really only one thing we're looking forward to. DJ Khaled for vice president 2016 #BlessUp !!! 


That's all folks! We'll leave you with a few of our favorite Christmas snaps. Happy Holidays!