02 July 2015


We're back like Jordan wearing the 4-5… 

Took a short (way too short) hiatus from the NYC/NJ hustle to go overseas and visit Barcelona and Amsterdam. If you've been following us (@kottayco) on the 'gram/'book/twitter/whatever else, you've probably already seen a couple snaps from our trip. Our first stop on this trip was the great city of BARCELONA.

Friends and family told us all about the beautiful architecture, seafood, and sangria (salad!). However we were very unprepared for the celebrations and festivities  that happened after the FC Barcelona team won the UEFA Champions League. On our first night in Barcelona , the team won the trophy, and made history by being the first European team to win the treble (three trophies in a single season), TWICE. 

It kind of sounds like we know what we're talking about, right? Well... full disclosure we're not biggest futbol fans out there, but after being in Barcelona for this win we may have to change our minds. We have never seen and entire city just erupt, have that much pride and just celebrate for days on end. It was an unforgettable experience, not to mention the most memorable part of our trip. We wanted to share a few pics from the celebrations/festivities from the historic win below.

Day 1: The first night, right after the win! @ Font de Canaletes 


Day 2: Victory Parade with the Barca Players and their Fans!


someone's patience is running low waiting on these barca players...

they're here! Barca! Barca! Barrrrca!